Folk Dance


As with all Folk traditions, the practice of dancing is always associated with the joyous occasions for the Community and closely related to the typical communal activities such as planting, harvesting, fishing and hunting.

Other events such as weddings, engagements and circumcission ceremonies must have dance and music.

The origins are unclear but the dances remain popular and even new creations are emerging.

Many of these dances use hand-held props that are easily recognisable.

Some of these dances can be traced to animistic beliefs and rituals.

The spirits of the land, wind, sun and so on are called upon to bless the village and thanksgiving for a good harvest.

It is also clear that since the 15th Century, Malaysia has had tremendous influx of traders and missionaries that brought with them their own culture, tradition and beliefs.

The influence of Arabia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and China in many of the dances is still very clear.

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